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Dahl Farmhouse

CLARITY 4oz Reed Diffuser

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Dahl Farmhouse CLARITY bamboo reed diffuser

SCENT PROFILE: White citrus blends with crisp green, refreshing aloe and calming matcha tea. 

FRAGRANCE: Made with premium phthalate free Emoti™ fragrance.  Emoti™ fragrance been especially curated to help promote mood enhancement. Additional mood benefits: calming, relaxing and stress relief. 

4oz Gloss white ceramic vessel with 10 natural bamboo reeds.

Reed diffusers are a wonderful way to add constant fragrance to any room. Fragrance is delivered up through the reeds dispersing the scent of CLARITY into the air. Flip the reeds over once a week to keep the fragrance fresh. 

Perfect for home offices, bathrooms, night stands and entry ways.