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Dahl Farmhouse

LOVE 10oz Coco Soy Candle

LOVE 10oz Coco Soy Candle

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Dahl Farmhouse 10oz LOVE Coco-Soy Candle

SCENT PROFILE:Creamy Sandalwood and rich Amber combine with lemon zest and Dahlia Petals  to create the sweet scent of LOVE. 

FRAGRANCE: Made with premium phthalate free fragrance.  

WAX: Coco-Soy blend Renewable, vegan, carcinogen free and non toxic.

VESSEL: 10oz Translucent double glass allows room for extra creativity. The double wall is filled by hand with a handmade letter press heart.  They can be easily removed, allowing you to use your creativity and add your own decorative accent.  

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