About Us



 Owner, Tori Dahl

The Dahl Farmhouse, Cypress, Texas

I grew up on 3 acres in the Texas hill country.  In the spring Mountain Laurel would bloom with fragrant purple blossoms.  40 years later, the scent of freshly cut grass combined with the scent of Mountain Laurel still triggers a memory of the comfort of home. 

Smell and emotion are stored in our brains as one memory.  This explains why fragrance and scent have the ability to influence our mood and well being and have the power to make memories come alive. 

With a background in business, design and home decor I understand the importance of curating beautiful spaces not only with art and furnishings but with fragrance.   

In 2019 in our home, The Dahl Farmhouse located in Cypress Tx, I began developing a line of luxurious home fragrances and perfume. 

Every fragrance in our collection is intentionally created to curate the perfect mood wherever they are used: in your home, office, dorm room, car or on you.

Our signature fragrances: Love, Clarity Solitude, Serenity, Shine and Refuge are what make our collection unique.   

Take a deep breath and enjoy-

Tori Dahl


  Website: dahlfarmhouse.com IG: @thedahlfarmhouse