About Us

My passion (and slight obsession) for scent began when I was a little girl.  I grew up on 3 acres in the Texas hill country.  Every spring Mountain Laurel would bloom with beautiful and fragrant blossoms. Saturday mornings I would wake to the sound of my father mowing the lawn.  When the weather permitted I would throw open my window. The scent of freshly cut grass combined with the scent of Mountain Laurel would fill my room; creating a feeling of comfort and unbeknownst to me, a scent that years later, still triggers a memory of the comfort of home.  

In 1999 my husband Jonathon and I purchased and restored an abandoned 100 year old dairy farm house in Cypress, Texas. 

In 2019, in our farmhouse kitchen, I began developing a line of home fragrances.  The line includes; candles, wax melts, linen & room sprays and reed diffusers. Our custom blended signature scents are intended to evoke your fondest memories and guaranteed to curate the perfect mood within your home. 

In 2022, our fragrance line production outgrew our kitchen.  We restored what was once the original milk barn on our property and created a 600 square foot studio: The Dahl Farmhouse Studio.  Every item in our collection is now developed, created and orders are shipped out from here. 

I hope you enjoy The Dahl Farmhouse collection, 

Tori Dahl