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Dahl Farmhouse

Just Breathe Logo Pendant Necklace

Just Breathe Logo Pendant Necklace

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"You never know what memories will be invoked if you take a moment to
just breathe” -Tori Dahl 

The Dahl Farmhouse logo mark is an artistic representation of a Texas Mountain Laurel designed by the graphic artist Gabriela Alvarez. 

I commissioned a local Houston artist Heather Yoki to design and create The Dahl Farmhouse pendant necklace. 

Each piece is hand stamped with our signature mark, the Mountain Laurel. On the back each letter is hand stamped to read, “just breathe”. 

PENDANT: Gold filled: 16 gauge 5/8" diameter 

NECKLACE: Length 18" gold filled chain 

Scent has the power to invoke our fondest memories.   Wear this beautiful piece as a daily reminder to Just Breathe.  

Jewelry Designer: Heather Yoki

Graphic Artist: Gabriela Alvarez 

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